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Hotline Communications Limited (HCL) was a software company, based in Toronto, Canada, founded in 1997 with employees also in the United States and Australia, with the domain, serving as their official site address. logo - official site for the hotline communications logo – official site for the hotline communications

What they did.

Hotline enables private and public virtual community building and live interaction with real time chat, conferencing, messaging, data warehousing and file transfer and viewing — performed with minimal technical knowledge. It will be safe to say they had the whole social media idea first, but didnt stay too long to innovate things, which of course we have facebook, twitter and whatsapp to thank for doing.

Before their exit, the hotline communication had over two million people already using the Hotline softwae to exchange information and ideas.

From the company page:

Hotline adds a new dimension to online communications: real-time interaction. Hotline Connect is simple software that enables live communication through any personal computer. At this moment, people are gathered in the Hotline Network chatting, sending messages, holding news discussions and transferring files.

The Hotline Network is the real-time virtual network of online communities. More than three million people meet to share interests on over a thousand living online communities. With over 150,000 downloads per month, Hotline Connect is rapidly becoming a leading online communication tool. The Hotline Network is accessible with the Hotline Client, the first component of Hotline Connect.

In our today’s modern world, hotline vision is still alive, but of course not hotline or owned by the hotline communications. It is what we now know today as whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat and the likes of other social instant messaging and communication networks..

Hotline Connect and Hotline Client Server

Hotline Connect is a suite of two free applications that enables Internet users to communicate and share files and information.

Hotline Connect enables you to easily create a personal interactive Internet community on your own terms. Interact live with real time chat, conferencing, messaging, data warehousing, file transfer and streaming capabilities – all on your personal computer using Hotline Connect software.

Explore the thousands of online communities with Hotline’s Client application. Preview multimedia files, post news and participate in online chats using the simple Hotline Client software.

Share your content, showcase your hobbies, and promote your ideas with Hotline’s unique Server application. Using the small and powerful Hotline Server you can open your computer to anyone you choose, remain in a secure environment and control your community at all times.

How does it work?

Editors Note: The original goal of the hotline connect was helping people share and interact on the internet. Fast forward to today, more easy and sophisticated social sharing platforms have since been developed in recent times, bringing about the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and lots more.

If you have an Internet Connection, you can start your own online community with Hotline Connect.

Hotline Connect is made up of two free applications: Hotline Server and Hotline Client.

The Hotline Server application lets you open your computer to anyone you choose, in a secure environment and on your own terms.

The Hotline Client application lets you connect to the world of Hotline servers.

There are thousands of Servers in the Hotline Network, and they can be found on directories called Trackers. Servers register with trackers to make them easier for you to find. Hotline’s own tracker,, lists a wide variety of servers, ranging from automobiles to Zappavision’s movie server. is directly accessible using the Hotline Client.

Hotline Client

The Hotline Client is the vehicle you use to voyage through the Hotline Universe. Using the Client, you will have all the tools that you will require in your Hotline travels:

  • Chat and Messaging
  • News and Message Boards
  • File Sharing, downloading and uploading
  • Streaming multimedia

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