The best air mattresses of today are top rated, good quality and comfortable air beds (blow up mattresses), built with durable materials for a comfortable sleep and long term everyday use.

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The reason you’re here on this page right now is likely because you want to buy an inflatable mattress, but as with every other thing in life, looking for guidance, so you don’t end up making a wrong choice.

Yea, I totally get it, and because of that, we’ve taken the time to help you review and test different air beds often referred to as inflatable mattresses, and have shortlisted the best air mattresses you can buy for everyday use, comfortable sleep, guests and for camping.

First are our top picks, then a reviewed list of each products, and lastly, an air mattress buying guide to help you make the right choice of an inflatable mattress suitable for your specific needs.

Top Inflatable Air Mattresses and Beds

Detailed Review and Recommendation of the Best Air Mattresses in 2021

If you are looking for the best air mattress for everyday use in the home, or in search of the best inflatable mattress for camping and outdoor activities, it all comes down to materials, comfort, durability and the ability for the mattress to retain air.

Here then is a reviewed list of the best air mattresses to buy in 2021:

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Top pick of the best air mattress for 2021

One of the reasons why the SoundAsleep Air Mattress is so popular is because of it’s incredible comfort and support, that make it a viable alternative to a normal bed and a great choice for temporary house guests.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress review

Dimensions: 78 x 58 x 19 inches | Weight: 19 pounds | Color: Blue and beige | Pump: Internal, high capacity pump included | Material Composition: Eco-friendly PVC and surface flocking | Capacity: 500 lbs

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A major stand-out feature of the soundsleep air mattress is undoubtedly the ComfortCoil Technology, which consists of 40 air coils under the surface of the air mattress. In a lame mans language, what this does is that, it keeps the mattress firm and flat up to weight pressures of 500 lbs. This technology also ensures long-term durab ility.

The design

The SoundAsleep Air Mattress is also rated overall best because of it’s raised, double-height construction which adds to the feeling of it being a normal mattress. Outside the fact that it is easy to get in and out of this bed, unlike many other airbed models close to the ground, it doesn’t get cold.

Air retention ability

The first thing every one wants in an air mattress is for it to hold air! This might sound like a basic thing to expect, but then sleep on a sound asleep air mattress which is very good at retaining air makes me sleep comfortable without having the fear of waking up next to the ground.

Air pumbing and deflating technology

The SoundAsleep comes with a patented technology of the EZ Pump which at one-click the internal pump inflates and deflates the entire unit in around 4 minutes. it is portable and comes with a small carry-bag for easy transportation.

Overall, if what you desire is a durable air mattress for everyday home use or an inflatable mattress for long term that also feels like your normal mattress, the soundsleep air mattress is the best air mattress for you. I found this product to be highly supportive, and it was able to do well at maintaining its shape and firmness all through the night.

However, if you do notice sagging for the first few uses, you may find that it holds up better if you inflate and deflate a few times to allow for the PVC stretching that naturally occurs in the early days of ownership.


2. Intex Classic Raised Downy Airbed

Budget friendly: the best cheap air mattress under $50

If you are looking for a cheap air mattress under $50 for outdoor camping, the Intex Classic raised Airbed is the best budget friendly inflatable mattress that matches good quality and price.

The intex classic downy Airbed is definitely our number one choice for the best air mattress for camping, because it combines lightweight portability with a degree of comfort and, best of all, it’s incredibly cheap.

Intex classic downy Airbed
Intex classic downy Airbed review

Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 9 inches | Weight: 11.2 pounds | Color: Royal blue | Pump: Comes with a double-quick hand pump | Material Composition: Vinyl | Capacity: 600 lbs

you can buy from Amazon US, UK, CA, Europe and Best Buy (prices are lower when discount is applied) – Use the button above.

As you’d expect for an air mattress that can be used anywhere outdoors and camping, the Intex Classic Downy Airbed does not have a one-touch internal pump like the more hi-tec models, which is a great feature for outdoor recreational activities.

Air pumping and deflating

Theres a double-quick pump included in this outdoor inflatble mattress, which requires a manual hand pumping. Panic not, its very easy to use.

It’s a relatively quick process to inflate and deflate air in this mattress, and its all thanks to the 2-in-1 valve with an extra wide opening. The pillows too are easily inflated, requiring the use of the thinner pump nozzle.

Overall, If what you desire is a good inflatable airbed mattress that you can use for outdoor recreational activities such as camping, the Intex classic downy airbed is a top rated and best air mattress for camping.

However, at just over 11 pounds, this air mattress isn’t quite lightweight enough to carry around for serious trekking or backpacking, but it’s certainly easy to make compact and transport for outdoor use and camping.


3. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

A durable and comfortable air mattress for everyday use

The Insta-bed air mattress is an airbed with great comfort and technology to make it a great choice for everyday use. Its rare and interesting features enables it to stay full throughout the 8 hours of sleep without deflating.

Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress With Never Flat Pump
Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress With Never Flat Pump review

Sizes Available: Queen and Twin | Dimensions: 80 (L) x 60 (W) x 18 (H) inches | Colors: Grey, Tan and White | Maximum height: 18 inches | Material: PVC | Power: AC |Weight capacity: Up to 500 lbs | Motors/pump: 2 motors – Built-in primary pump and secondary NeverFlat Pump | Inflation time: Less than 4 minutes | Internal Structure: Circular coils | No. of coils: 35 in Queen size and 21 in Twin size

you can buy from Amazon US, UK, CA, Europe and Best Buy (prices are lower when discount is applied) – Use the button above.

With this blow up mattress, you can choose your desired level of comfort between the Plush, Medium and Firm levels. It also exhibit the coil technology, the queen model comes with 35 circular coils while the twin model features 21, and they work to provide a comfortable sleep surface and to accommodate support.

The design

standing at 18 inches above the ground, the height of Insta-bed air mattress makes it easy for getting in and out of the bed. No matter whether the occupants are young or old, using this mattress even on regular basis shall be highly comfortable.

While light weight low raised mattresses are a good option for camping purposes, its not the same for everyday home use airbeds. 18 inches height means it’s quite similar to your regular home beds and you really need not strain your knees and back while getting in and out of the mattress.

Air retention technology and its neverflat feature

As long as the mattress is plugged in, a secondary pump will kick in when deflation occurs to keep your mattress aired up throughout the night. It’s able to do so by continually measuring air pressure, and it can be setup to maintain plush, medium, or firm settings. This is a unique feature that works very well when used indoors.

An autoshut off feature we love

One major advantage the insta air mattress has over its competitors is its auto shut-off feature. The reason is because, with other blow up mattresses, its difficult to tell if the airbed has fully inflated or not.

In which case, if you happen to inflate it beyond its air holding capacity, there are chances of the mattress to develop cracks around seams or even burst like an air balloon. Hence, any air mattress with an auto shut-off feature is definitely a great deal for money and a must have feature.

If what you need is a quality air mattress with a great feel of comfort for everyday use in the home, then, the insta-bed raised air mattress is the best mattress you can buy for everyday use. When it comes to durability, Insta-bed raised air mattress fares far better than most other mattresses in the segment. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) means durability and Insta-bed raised mattress is made from PVC material.

The idea behind employing PVC material is to help the mattress sustain on rough and rugged surfaces. Moreover, PVC material stretches slightly and this stretching is essential in case of air mattresses.


4. Coleman Camping Cot Air Mattress with side tables

A great camping air mattress for outdoor activities

The Coleman Airbed offers comfort, firmness and cool sleeping surfaces across the mattress using the coil technology which provides perfect support, desired firmness and even weight distribution across the entire sleeping surface without resulting in unwanted drifting or sagging of the mattress.

Coleman Camping Cot Air Mattress
Coleman Camping Cot Air Mattress review

Dimensions: 78″ x 22″ x 59″ inches | Sizes: Coleman Twin Airbed Cot & Coleman Queen Airbed Cot | Weight: 42.95 shipping weight | Height: 22″ inches | Pump Type: 4D battery operated pump | Sleep weight capacity: 600 lbs weights.

you can buy from Amazon US, UK, CA, Europe and Best Buy (prices are lower when discount is applied) – Use the button above.

If you’ve been searching for and Air mattress which is portable, yet most comfortable camping bed that stays off the ground protecting you from cold, damp surface and also from the fear of insects creeping onto your bed, the Coleman Airbed Cot Queen with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump is no doubt, the best outdoor air mattress for camping you need.

It offers a great height advantage because of it’s not which is 22 inches above the ground. The Air bed offers an excellent edge support and this remains the case even if the mattress loses some air due to the cot’s sturdy construction.

What Sleeping on this airbed felt like

This Air bed is actually very comfortable and even comes with a detachable cup holders by the sides which serve as sides tables to keep items which you might loose easily or even a cup of coffee instead of keep on the mattress to avoid spilling.

Drawback but not a deal breaker

A major downside to this airbed is the 4D battery-operated pump which seems like it struggles a lot to inflate the mattress all the way. During the course of our test, everything ran smoothly up to a certain point when the pressure inside starts pushing the air out, and the pump didn’t seem to catch up. More often than not, a manual pump will be needed to finish the job.


5. King Koil Queen Size Luxury Raised Air Mattress with built-in pump

Luxury and comfort in every angle: The most comfortable inflatable mattress for long term use

Comfort has never looked or felt this good! The King Koil TWIN air mattress is a comfortable air bed featuring the finer elements of luxury air mattresses.

King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump
King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump review

Size: Full sized Queen air mattress | Dimensions: 80″ x 60″ x 20″ | Pump: Electric pump | Weight Capacity: 600 pounds | Puncture-Resistant: Yes

you can buy from Amazon US, UK, CA, Europe and Best Buy (prices are lower when discount is applied) – Use the button above.

Built with time-tested materials, this inflatable air mattress puts consumers one step closer to the premier sleep experiences of the world.

Before now, King Koil is a reputable brand that makes some of the most beautiful air mattresses and blow up beds in the world which are featured at even some of the best hotels worldwide.

The design and comfortability

Utilizing the latest in air mattress technologies with a built-in pump and a coil-beam construction, it offers firm comfort levels for spinal support and good sleeping posture for an excellent night’s sleep.

The mattress is 20 inches thick, and works using the coil technology. The coil-beam construction is quite convenient mainly because it allows for proper weight distribution.

There are hardly any conventional mattresses which are as thick. The main intention behind this is to guarantee that there is enough deep compression support to sustain 600 pounds of weight. A lot of airbeds will seriously fail in its place, and that’s something that this one, in particular, wants to avoid.

Overall, If you’re looking for a good and comfortable air mattress for long term use in the home or outdoor for camping purposes, the king koil air mattress is a great choice to consider. Its durable and practically puncture proof, which further makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Since its mainly an electronic airbed (pumps with electricity) , you will need a compatible manual pump you can take along to top it off, if you plan on using it for outdoor camping.


6. Noble Queen Size Comfort Double High Raised Air Mattress

A top rated air mattress with built in pump, the best air mattress for guests

Noble Queen Size Comfort Double High Raised Air Mattress
Noble Queen Size Comfort Double High Raised Air Mattress review

Dimensions: 80 x 58 x 18 inches | Weight: 25.2 pounds | Height: 18 inches | Sleep weight capacity: 600lbs

you can buy from Amazon US, UK, CA, Europe and Best Buy (prices are lower when discount is applied) – Use the button above.

The Noble Queen size comfort double high raised Air mattress is a very comfortable blow up mattress which comes with a standard built-in 120V AC pump, which pretty much ensures a hassle-free set-up, it is inflated and ready to use in under three minutes.

It’s easily one of the shortest set-up times for Air mattresses of this size.
The raised design of this Air mattress makes it an excellent choice for both sleeping indoors, and outdoors.

Why Use an Air Mattress?

While an air mattress may seem to be a cheaper alternative to the normal mattress bed for some people, others consider them a great option for camping and outdoor recreational activities. However, many home owners seem to love the whole inflatable mattress idea to give their guests and visitors a nice treat while also saving space for home improvements.

Overall, air mattresses are gaining more popularity in recent times. Because of its health benefits (mostly back pain relief), an air mattress has become an option many people choose for long terms use.

Air Mattress Buying Guide


The most important things to consider before buying an air bed or any other quality mattress is to determine what exactly you are buying it for. How portable does it need to be? How comfortable does it need to be? There are a few features to watch out for that can really optimize your air mattress to be the best for your needs. Instance, if you’re primarily using the mattress for camping, it’s likely that you’ll want a self-inflating model.

Factors to consider when choosing an inflatable mattress

Before buying an air mattress, the following factors has to be put into consideration, for longevity and comfort:

1. Sleep Weight Capacity

The capacity is how much weight the airbed can take and is specified in pounds. Usually the capacity is more than enough to support the weight of your average Nigerian, but it might be worth checking carefully if you expect someone with a larger frame to be using the bed.

2. Removable cover & electric pump in air mattress

The cover must be removable, so it will be easier to clean or wash it.

3. Method of Inflation – Air

pumping How Easy is it to Inflate? There are basically three methods of inflation for Air mattresses which are;

  • Self-inflating: Best for campers and backpackers as they’re generally lightweight and low maintenance
  • Manual pump: You will need to buy a separate pump for it.
  • Internal pump: The pump is within the mattress already.

4. Air retention ability

After all said and done, no matter how good an airbed tend to be, if it is not able to hold up air pumped in for a long time, or last up to 8 hours for a full night sleep, then, there is no point buying it at all in the first place. As a good rule of thumb, air beds will coil technology tends to retain air more.

5. Height:

Generally, mattresses with a reasonable height tends to be more comfortable than the ones struggling with the ground. Hence, if you to sleep comfortably in an air mattress, choose one with a height that sets you a little or far off the ground.

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