Finally the wait is over. Apple music comes to Echo devices in the UK and Ireland.

image of apple music on amazon echo
apple music on amazon echo

For what may seem surprising to many apple and amazon fans altogether, Amazon has confirmed that Apple Music integration has at last been enabled on Irish and UK-based Echo devices.

The service which launched on Amazon Echo devices in the US towards the end of last year has generated much anticipation from fans and users in the UK and Ireland.

Speaking on the new development Amazon made it known that;

Compatibility should roll out during the next few weeks. Voice commands should be largely similar to those on Apple hardware, such as “play ‘Kammarheit’ on Apple Music,” or “shuffle the ‘Best of Dark Ambient’ playlist on Apple Music.”

Amazon spokesperson

What you can do with your apple music on Amazon Echo

If you’re an active Apple Music subscriber with of course, apple music subscription, with the new integration, you’ll be able to listen to songs on Amazon Fire TV and Echo devices as well. The same way you would have with Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify subscriptions.

Additionally, using your Echo or Fire TV, you can ask Alexa to play songs, select specific artists, playlists, and choose from a large number of albums to play – To activate, just say, “Alexa, play today’s hits on Apple Music”, OR if you want to be more specific “Alexa, play Stormzy on Apple Music”.

How to launch apple music as a default service on Amzon Echo devices

To add Apple Music as a secondary or default service on the echo, simply launch the Alexa app, navigate to the Settings, and then to the Music submenu – Select the option “Link New Service” and then choose the service you want linked.

For what may or may not seem to be, Apple appears to be gradually restricting its toughness in the platform exclusivity of its services. A good example that shows this is its original video content – Apple TV+, which will be accessible not just through first-party devices but some smart TVs, including Roku and Amazon streamers.

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