Our mission is pretty straightforward: Make learning, and setting up a smart home as easy as ABC and help intending smart home owners get the possible best out of their money. Our Founders started Smarthomradar to solve a major problem: How do we introduce people to the world of smart home technology in a way that is both fun and welcoming, but not intimidating?

smarthomeradar logoWelcome to Smart Home Radar! Here, we try to give you the most objective, best and latest information on everything related to the smart home industry, home automation devices, and general home improvement, to help you navigate this world by presenting you with the most detailed and easy to understand guides as well as best products buying advice to guide you on your next smart home product purchase. Additionally, we like to keep on top of trends and technologies.

If automation and efficiency is your thing, here you’ll find information about smart homes and connected devices, getting you the latest information in this exciting new area in an easy to understand language.

Our Core Values

We never let go of our values.

Quality Service Driven

We only write about the things we know, and how we know it. We further take the extra step to conduct a careful research on each topic, to ensure an even more accurate information.

Passion Driven.

We are driven by a fierce commitment to always try new ideas and enrich peoples experiences with the smart home technology and devices.

Authentic Writing.

We put our ideas and all we know through our own voice and expertise, No hard-to-understand technical stuff, just how we know and see it, telling it in the best possible way our readers can easily understand.

Connected and approachable.

Through meaningful and healthy relationships with our audience and partners (smart home device manufacturers and home owners), we strive to provide a relate-able path to quality services, knowledge and discovery.


We love what we do and do not take ourselves too seriously. We share knowledge in a fun and easy to understand way but very cautions about quality.

How we Choose Our Best Products Roundup Lists.

It is crucial to note that our best products roundup lists are not ranked in the order of which they are numbered, but categorically, based on their features and use case.

The Roundups Review Process

  1. First we conduct a market survey to know what products consumers are buying out there in a specific category.
  2. Having a list of what consumers are buying, we then go ahead to see each products pages and get a first hand information of how real people who already bought the products feel and their experiences.
  3. Next we go ahead to purchase or lease the top 15 results we found and do our own testing, while carefully arranging each products in its best line of category for our readers.

We know no product is best over every other products out there, as manufacturers focuses on improving a particular feature over others, for some its the design and comfort and for others its the performance and price. Hence, we take into considerations of these details and point out the power ups and downs of each products, to help you make better buying decisions.

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